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Learning to Listen: The Jazz Journey of Gary Burton: An Autobiography

Writing Learning to Listen: Beyond the Brick Wall

My guess is that a lot of people think they might write a book someday. (This is especially true of those of us who are bookworms to begin with.) I have always marveled at the work of genius writers, the ones who not only can write correctly, but have rhythm in their phrasing that is practically musical. Because I have such respect for truly gifted writers, I never thought I would attempt writing a book myself, any more than I would decide to paint a portrait or dance a ballet.
The New York Times interview with Gary, “The Jazzman With a Debt to Nashville”

The New York Times interview with Gary, “The Jazzman With a Debt to Nashville”

New York Times: August 23, 2013:  SOUTH YARMOUTH, Mass. — There’s a moment in “Learning to Listen: The Jazz Journey of Gary Burton,” an autobiography due out on Sept. 3 from Berklee Press, that depicts the author’s earliest encounter with Miles Davis. It happened at a summer jazz festival in Mr. Burton’s home state, Indiana, and probably could have gone a little better.…

Jazz in Japan

Touring in Japan is always a treat (Japan is one the best countries for jazz, right up there with the USA and the European countries). Not only are the audiences very focused on the music and great listeners, but the whole country seems to reach out to you when you come for a tour.
May 12, Vicenza, Italy: The Gary Burton Quartet plays at Teatro Olympiad

Jazz Festivals in Europe – 1964 to 2013

My first gig in Europe was in 1964, at the Comblain-la-Tour Jazz Festival in Belgium, while I was a member of the Stan Getz group. The festival was started by an American GI, who had been sheltered by the villagers in this small town during World War II. In appreciation, he created a jazz festival, which brings in a ton of people each year. It is still going, after 50 years! In some ways, playing jazz in Europe is much the same as it has always been, but in other ways, things have changed.
Gary Burton's online course

Did they just say, “39,000 students enrolled in my Improvisation course?” OMG!

From the founding of Berklee Music – the college’s music elearning division – to creating a class for over 39,000 students on, I’m a true believer in remote, online education. As a practitioner in online courses, it’s become a natural extension of my passion in teaching jazz improvisation How did I get here? Join me as I map the path I’ve been taking in this article.
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