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Gary Burton's vibraphone with mallets

New Online Improvisation Course

My brand new project is an online music course, GARY BURTON: JAZZ IMPROVISATION, which I have just finished creating for Berklee Music, the online music school at my old college, Berklee College of Music. The creation of Berklee’s online school was one of my personal projects during the last years I was Executive Vice President at the college, and I am very pleased that it has become a roaring success in its first decade. I just couldn’t pass up the chance to be part of this marvelous educational venture. When I was a Berklee professor, my favorite activity was teaching improvisation, so it was pretty natural for me to translate my teaching approach into the online format. I look forward to working with students who enroll in the course this year.
Hot House by Chick Corea & Gary Burton

Other News

I am now finished with my touring schedule for 2012 and the requirements of taking on a wide variety of projects over the past year turned out to be a little bigger than I expected. Last year, I toured a fair amount with Chick Corea and we released our latest CD, Hot House, released on Sept 4, 2012 (released a few months earlier in Europe). Hot House has been nominated in three Grammy categories (best jazz ensemble, best improvised solo, and best arrangement), and on February 10, the final results will be announced. We’ll see what happens!
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