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Hi, everyone. Like almost everybody these days, I like to check out websites, particularly if they are important to my career and interests. I also like checking out the sites put up by musician friends. Here are some sites I go to regularly.  – Concord was my record company for about fourteen years and they have the latest information about many of my records. I continue to record for Concord when I collaborate with Chick Corea for our duet projects. – GRP was my label for eight years so there are quite a few of my CD’s available here. – My career with ECM spanned 1972-88, sixteen years! And, what’s more, they continue to carry most of my records, even some early ones from the 70’s. – Of course, my favorite music college and my second home for 33 years. (A really extensive website, by the way.) – My longtime managers and booking agents (like over thirty years now!). I couldn’t do it without their help and advice. They represent a bunch of other jazz musicians, too. Check out their site to see what’s going on. – Pat is one of my favorite musicians and favorite people, and he has a pretty cool website, too. – I buy books and CDs from Amazon, and I also think they have the best, and most complete listings of records, at least judging by my own discography. They have some neat reviews, too, and they even let the customers comment on the records! So, when I go to the web to order something, I start with Amazon. – I just discovered this site recently. It’s all about vibraphones, with lots of major players checking in regularly. – I’ve been playing Musser vibraphones since I was six years old! The company was started in the 40’s by Clair Omar Musser, a legendary mallet instrument figure. Now Musser is part of the Ludwig Drum Company, which is part of the Selmer Company… well you know how it is these days. Anyway, they’re great people to work with, and I have always loved playing their instruments. – Makoto Ozone – Makoto is one of the best musicians I have ever played with and we have a wonderful time performing together. He has established his career as a major artist in Japan, with about fifteen records to his credit on several different labels. He recently has increased his performing in the classical field playing with symphony orchestras around the world, in addition to his work with his jazz trio and big band. Our 2002 duet recording, VIRTUOSI, was nominated for a Grammy award in the Classical category. – A terrific after school music program in the Los Angeles area serving over a thousand kids, now in their fifth year. I’m a big supporter of SoundArt.

I’ll add some more sites from time to time, I’m always looking around to see what’s new.