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Back to Discography Guided Tour The New Gary Burton Quartet

divider Guided Tour
Band Listing
Gary Burton, vibraphone
Julian Lage, guitar
Scott Colley, bass
Antonio Sanchez, drums

Guided Tour Tracklist

  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    The Lookout
  3. 3.
    Jane Fonda Called Again
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    Once Upon a Summertime
  6. 6.
    Sunday’s Uncle
  7. 7.
    Remembering Tano
  8. 8.
  9. 9.
  10. 10.
    Monk Fish


GUIDED TOUR features mostly music written by all the members of the band.  We have already toured with the new music in Europe (May 2013), and will be touring the USA in September and October.

I think one of the great strengths of The New Gary Burton Quartet is how the individual contributions of the musicians add up to a singular group identity. Even though the music covers a considerable range of stylistic influences, the overall project has a continuity reflecting our group sound and style.  Typically, when I plan the repertoire for a new record, I often take the approach of choosing two compositions that I think most capture the vision I have in mind for the project.  Then, I look for tunes that compliment either or both of those initial choices. The result is that the overall program tends to feel more like it belongs together. For GUIDED TOUR, the two songs that served as my guideposts were Caminos, by Antonio, and Helena, by Julian.

The early reviews have been over the top. The British jazz reviewers covering both the CD and our live performances in Britain in the spring, showered us with praise and encouragement. I’m hoping for a similar reception from the American press and audiences.


It’s one thing to be a virtuoso player, which he is, but quite another to create a whole sonic world with just four musicians. That’s what Burton has been doing consistently for more than 45 years and, as this second album by his newest quartet proves, the sounds just go on getting richer. Every one of these 10 pieces is filled with tonal light and shade, harmonic sparkle and rhythmic subtlety. Burton has found the perfect partner for his own vibraphone playing in the prodigious young guitarist Julian Lage, along with bassist Scott Colley and drummer Antonio Sanchez.

Dave Gelly, The Observer

On its sophomore offering for Mack Avenue Records, the New Gary Burton Quartet reveals the musical maturity that naturally occurs when a disparate but extremely gifted group of players locks in as a band.… While Guided Tour proves that this band has hit its stride and fires exquisitely on all cylinders, it also reveals, that at age 70, Burton’s fire for pushing his creative edge as a bandleader, and as a soloist, still burns brightly.

Thom Jurek, AllMusic